A collective impact can occur which results from the use of a group of key actors from different sectors to address a common agenda for solving a specific social problem.

It is a disciplined, cross-sectoral approach to solving social and /or environmental problems on a large scale.

Companies that only work around shareholder value are not the most profitable companies unlike companies that also focus on the social impact. These may also be companies that are innovative and flexible, with an impact on their operations, which may also lead to better results.

Where impact takes precedence over profit, there are opportunities to innovate.

Organisations are developing  more and more hybrid mission objectives. This is the result of an evolution over time. This includes both companies with shareholders to non-profit with 100% subsidy. Intermediate forms are companies with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus, social enterprises, and social organisations with profitable sideline activities.

Impact includes two elements:

Shared added value

  • Isolated and collective impact: how do I relate to the broader social impact field?
    Either: Do I have an impact as an individual company or do I realise collective impact within an Ecosystem?

There are 3 perspectives on impact:

Delivering :

1. Smart service / product - individual organisation

2. Smart solution - innovative collaboration

3. Smart impact - ecosystem approach

     With a "smart impact" you realise the objectives of the "triple aim" more quickly.