Healthcare economy

The healthcare economy comprises all economic activities that directly or indirectly offer a solution to meet the healthcare demand of patients and those in need. In addition to the healthcare providers, other important players are the companies that are active as suppliers to the healthcare sector, knowledge institutions and government organisations with a focus on the healthcare sector. Through collaboration, they want to provide a sustainable answer to the challenges in the care economy and they develop a whole range of activities regarding a health system where the patient/client is always central; there is not only attention for the care and cure aspect, but there is also a strong focus on products and services that can be used for prevention.

In concrete terms, this means that new business models emerge within the care economy that are not (solely) based on subsidisation from the government. In order to meet the client's need for healthcare better and more efficiently, the companies and the healthcare providers can join forces in new collaboration models that fundamentally transcend the old customer-supplier relationship. For healthcare institutions and public actors, this will mean, among other things, that they understand the dynamics of an economic player, driven by profit. In addition, this means the companies can only offer a tailor-made solution that is economically viable if they know and understand the client's needs, thus appealing to the extensive knowledge of the healthcare providers. It is essential that the companies acknowledge that this impact can only be realised through interaction with the healthcare providers. If necessary, the partners in this new value chain will also work together across sectors in order to be able to offer an integrated total solution with more added value.

The healthcare sector is also a market where the 'license to operate' is crucial to obtaining market penetration.

Social license = The acceptance of the community (stakeholders) of the presence of the organisation and its activity within society is obtained.